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At Flynn Law, we understand that bad things happen to good people.

The trial attorneys at Flynn Law are experienced in handling personal injury, criminal, and DUI cases. Both Sean P. Flynn and Anne H. Flynn are former prosecutors for various State Attorney’s Offices along the gulf coast of Florida. They have professional training in the art of case investigation, which proves invaluable in winning their client’s cases.

At Flynn Law, our Bradenton personal injury lawyers strive to ensure that we are prepared in all facets of our client’s cases. Working to stay five steps ahead of the opposition is a necessary component to that preparation.

Whether you’re in an automobile accident, injured, being investigated, or have been arrested in the state of Florida, call us immediately to discuss your rights. One of our trial attorneys at Flynn Law is standing by ready to aggressively fight on your behalf. Florida residents have the right to be heard - We’re ready to listen.

How are We Different than the Competition?

Unlike other personal injury firms, Flynn Law believes you are more than just a number on a page. Which is why our clients will stay in constant communication with an actual attorney throughout the entirety of the case.

Our entire law firm takes a personal interest in our clients and their stories. Our Bradenton personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly ensuring you’re receiving fair legal treatment. After all, no two cases, accidents, or injuries are the same.

You deserve a personalized defense, not generic arguments and passive paper-pushing.

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When you’ve been injured in an auto accident or are under investigation for a crime, the resulting process can be overwhelming. It can sometimes feel as though your life has been put on hold.

Let our attorneys shoulder some of that burden for you.

Don’t let insurance companies and the Florida legal system push you around – Think about hiring a Bradenton-Sarasota area lawyer that will help you protect your rights.

Our legal team at Flynn Law wants to represent YOU. If you want a Bradenton personal injury lawyer that cares and is willing to take a genuine interest in your case, you’ve found them.

Give us a call at 941-800-1140 to set up a FREE CONSULTATION today.

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I was referred to Sean Flynn (Flynn Law) by a neighbor/friend. Mr. Flynn had helped his family out with an issue in the past, so I called Mr. Flynn to get help on a legal matter. I drove to his office to meet with him and he solved my problem on the same day... Joey D.
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