Client Reviews

I strongly recommend Sean Flynn and the attorneys at Flynn Law for personal injury cases. Mr. Flynn cared about my issue and made me feel as though my case mattered. He was honest and sincere with his thoughts and very knowledgeable in his advice. I always enjoyed communicating with him. I will make sure to call Flynn Law for any future legal needs.

- Carolynn Johns

I know Sean Flynn an attorney for this firm, and he has demonstrated to me a high level of integrity and helped me with a legal problem had that had been going on for 4 years. Highly recommend him.

- David Brown

My son was recently in a traffic accident at college in Tallahassee. The at-fault insurance company was being extremely difficult, causing us a great deal of stress. I immediately called Sean Flynn at Flynn Law, P.A. As soon as GEICO learned they Flynn Law was on the case, I received an immediate call from them and got the respect we deserved.

Sean Flynn and his staff treated me with respect. It was clear from the onset that our case mattered to them. They followed up frequently and answered any and all questions I had regarding the matter quickly and thoroughly. If it weren't for Flynn Law, it is very likely this issued would not have had the positive outcome that it did.

If me or my family have any legal issues going forward, Sean Flynn will be the first person I call.

- Monica Simpson

I was referred to Sean Flynn (Flynn Law) by a neighbor/friend. Mr. Flynn had helped his family out with an issue in the past, so I called Mr. Flynn to get help on a legal matter. I drove to his office to meet with him and he solved my problem on the same day. It was a pleasure to be able to sit down with an attorney who shared the same Christian beliefs. Thank you to Flynn Law for your help.

- Joey Dralus