Expungement and Sealing of Records

The Bradenton-Sarasota law firm of Flynn Law, P.A. understands that today in the employment world, employers now have more resources available to verify the criminal backgrounds of their potential employees or interns. When choosing between a handful of qualified applications, an employer may elect to hire the person whose name does not reveal a previous criminal charge or even a misdemeanor conviction. In efforts to avoid having a petty misdemeanor charge follow you around for the rest of your professional career, the Bradenton-Sarasota law firm of Flynn Law, P.A. will help educate you about your rights and options.

Whether you’re applying for colleges, scholarships, future employment, the military, now or later on in life, false allegations and criminal matters from your past can negatively affect your future and reputation. Contact our Bradenton office at Flynn Law, P.A. to speak with one of our experienced expungement attorneys. Our attorneys and staff are well-versed in this expungement process and are dedicated to working to make your criminal history disappear from the public eye. Regardless of where you live or work in the State of Florida, the expungement attorneys at our Bradenton office are capable of handling your expungement case. Let our attorneys at Flynn Law, P.A. work to assist you in moving forward in your life and not getting stuck with having to relive the past.

The consequences of an arrest or criminal conviction can extend far beyond one night in jail. Such consequences can impact your family, employment, reputation in the community, and much more. At Flynn Law, P.A., our criminal law attorneys will work to diligently defend your rights and provide you with guidance and support to allow you to move on with your life and to ensure that such matter never reveals itself to your future.

At Flynn Law, P.A., our attorneys work diligently to investigate each case so we are able to help build a defense to the allegations against you. Each case carries with it a different set of facts. We will fight to find the flaws and weaknesses in your case. In some situations, negotiating a plea offer may be the best outcome, while other situations may require a jury trial. Regardless of the facts, our criminal law attorneys at Flynn Law, P.A. are committed to serving the best interests of our clients. If that means taking your case to trial, then our experienced trial attorneys won’t hesitate to do so.

Contact the Bradenton-Sarasota law firm of Flynn Law, P.A. today if you have questions about the expungement or sealing of your criminal past. Our attorneys at Flynn Law, P.A. are ready to provide you with the professional representation you deserve.

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