Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents When you fall on someone else’s property, it can leave you injured, out of work, and buried in medical bills. And when negligent property owners are at fault, you have the right to compensation.

If you’ve suffered a slip & fall accident, you deserve the best Bradenton-Sarasota area personal injury attorney to help you settle the case. At Flynn Law of Bradenton, we are well-experienced in the areas of auto accidents, personal injury, and criminal lawsuits. This combined knowledge will help you win back the losses you’ve incurred.

Do You Have a Legitimate Florida Slip and Fall Case?

Not only are slip and fall cases inconvenient for the injured party, but they can also be difficult to prove without the right Florida personal injury attorney by your side.

If you’ve suffered a slip and fall accident, here’s what you need to know about making a claim.

How are Dangerous Conditions Defined?

One of the best ways to prove that you’re entitled to compensation following a slip and fall accident is to provide evidence of a ‘dangerous condition’ on the owner’s property.

The term ‘dangerous condition’ is an umbrella concept that covers a wide array of circumstances, including the following:

  • A spill on the floor
  • A faulty staircase railing or step
  • Obstructed pathways on the premises

These conditions must present an unreasonable risk of harm to anyone on the property that is not easily avoidable.

Was the Property Owner ‘Reasonable?’

Another way to verify the legitimacy of your Florida slip & fall case is by proving the property owner did not act in a manner that a ‘reasonable’ property owner should.

To do this, a personal injury attorney will attempt to answer the following questions during the investigation of your claim.

  • Was the hazardous condition there long enough for the property owner to be aware of it?
  • Does the owner have proper examination procedures in place for the property and proof that they had taken place?
  • Was there a logical reason the area was dangerous?
  • If there was a specific reason, was there a way to make it safer?
  • If an object caused the incident, could it have been stored elsewhere to make the area safer?
  • Could a warning sign or barrier have been created and used to avoid an incident?
Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Working through a slip and fall claim can be a complicated matter. By hiring an experienced Bradenton-Sarasota personal injury attorney, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge on Florida slip and fall laws.

These attorneys will be aware of the statute of limitations for slip and fall accidents in Florida and the “pure comparative negligence” rule that determines the percentage of blame you have in the accident.

Each of these areas is an essential component to the legitimacy of your case and require proper knowledge of how they work for your claim to be successful.

At Flynn Law, our personal injury attorneys know how important your rights are following a slip and fall injury. You deserve to receive compensation, and we’re ready to help protect your rights.

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